Center ATC Question

Im doing a flight from KSEA to KBOI, i takeoff i contact Center ATC,
I say: American 214 with you at 1900ft
Atc says: Américan 214 radar contact

Now what? Or i dont have to do nothing more and follow my flight plan?

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Just follow your flight plan unless ATC tells you to do otherwise.

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Do you have the option to request flight following to (your destination airport: KBOI)?


Checking in means you are intending to follow your flight plan.

So if you request flight following, you’re basically sending the same message.

Now the Center ATC is closed but thanks for replying

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Once you check in, all you need to do is follow your flight plan. Do not check in and request flight following. The only times you really need to make a request after checking in and reaching your initial cruising altitude are for altitude changes, e.g. step climbs and TOD.


Thanks Tim. I use this option mostly for the departure frequency.

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The departure is next to the tower if you have flight plans you just following you flight plan is ok but if the ATC want you to turn heading or climbing ALT you can follow to he I don’t know is this is truth?but for my understand can to do that

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