Center/Approach/tower Unclear logic

Hi all

Last night I was flying from Havana to Miami. During my descent I ask Center for an approach on Miami (Could be another post but with the new Stars and Approach, it’s sometime very complex for me to “connect” an approach to a Star so I basically expected Approach to draw the way for me). Answer is Service is not possible. Right. I am re-routed to Miami tower (!). OK. Asking ILS approach for runway, I am told go ahead and then asked to switch to Miami approach! Then approach asking me what I want, and I am finally vectored properly before switching me to tower again.

All good, flight was gorgeous over the Keys island, but then I don’t understand if I made something incorrect or if it was just confusion on ATC side.

I check on replay again just befor to make sure everything I am writing is 100% correct which is the case. Is it possible that Approach ATC was down for a few minutes???could explain it maybe…

Huge thanks to ATC anyway. No critic on my side. Just want to make sure what happened.

Have fun

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I’d find out which controllers were active at the time you’ll be able to find it in your replay and drop them a PM with your feedback.

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