Center and approach frequencies which to use?

Ok so on the playground server it seems as if center takes a lot of planes that should really go to approach. It’s my understanding that center is there to control traffic FL280 and above. Is this correct is someone could give me a good explanation of when each of these are used it would be appreciated.

I’m not the guy… Don’t ask me. I do missions. Check out my first mission: to land a 737-700 slower than a Cessna 172s landing speed.

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So how far out does approach take over

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That’s what I thought I wish people on the playground would realize that fact

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Hi Brandon!

At a typical airport, pilots usually contact, in this order:

  1. Ground Control (sometimes preceded by “Ramp Control”; directs taxiing)
  2. Tower (controls the runways; takeoff)
  3. Departure Control (Directs pilots out of active airport airspace)
  4. Center Control-ARTCC (En route traffic control)
  5. Approach Control (Directs pilots into active airport airspace and onto ILS/or other landing procedures)
  6. Tower (controls the runways; landing)
  7. Ground Control (sometimes succeeded by “Ramp Control”; directs taxiing)



I don’t agree with the altitudes mentioned above. How technical do we want to get? I would request for the developers come up with a common altitude for approach to work and the top of their airspace should either be 100 or 130. The altitudes mentioned above in the other posts leaves center with almost no aircraft and approach is over loaded.

It is true it leaves center with no aircraft in the sim but what should the threshold be between center and tower in the real world it’s FL280. Should it be FL200 in the sim

It depends on the country and then your specific location. The altitude that seperate center from approach down here in Socal is 13,000 & 14,000ft