Center and Approach, be aware of aircraft under tower control

I was just controlling in tower at EGLL, and Someone kept sending guard Msgs to aircraft in the pattern. If you see aircraft within the airports airspace, and they’re on tower freq, please leave them alone!



FYI… here’s who was on approach and in center. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them in this forum. I wanted to get a dialog going with them.

I’m pretty sure it was the approach controller. I went to another airport, and watched an aircraft on final for 27L bounce back and forth between approach and tower. I felt for the poor guy in tower!


It looks like that it was on PG. Don’t wonder about it, if you want good ATC service, fly Advanced.

That’s what I like to call…

The playground server! Have fun!

@Captain_Dan @Cayler… MaxSez. Been following Advance Server Staffing now that the staffing levels are readily available in App. A comparative analysis of this weekend staffing levels vis a vi the Advance/PG is an eye opener. At 1800Q Sunday. I noted 2 Tower/Ground and 1 Region open and available on the Advance. While the PG had 15 Tower/ground, 5 Approach, 3 Departures, I Center & 5 Regions in operation warts and all. Do the math. I choose the PG 90% of the time based on diversity and staffing. Working with a Tower only on the Advance is not a Challenge for those who have great expectations based on PR and not performance… Nuff said!


But you have stuff like that going on with Playground. Quality > Quantity

Welcome back by the way. Any chance you reconsider the invite now?

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I believe the poor guy should be the pilot himself lol

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But hey, we all know what could fix this

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I was taxiing to 27 at KSAN and I didn’t even leave the gate yet and the tower controller kept spamming me. Of course this was on PG, so that’s to be expected

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