Censorship or a valid reason?

Just posted under “Features” yesterday and already the post is locked and blocked from viewing.
My suggestion was appropriate , polite and benign.

I see dozens of repeat topics in IFC so its not that.

So now moderators explain this latest squelching
away. It leads one to ponder, that if you say something on this platform in an attempt to improve something , if its not agreed upon by the judges here its removed.

If thats not the case , why is it now impossible to open and read my suggestion. Its not just closed it has an eye with a line through it …its Titled “IF HUD”

Please offer an explanation to censorship .

It’s not that the moderators are trying to censor you, rather, your suggestion is better suited to the #features category. Having a suggestion or a request in another category will only lead to unnecessary off-topic threads constantly popping up. At the end of the day, we have categories for a reason - to keep things organised and on the right topic.

Looking at the comments made by the moderator yesterday, there was no disagreement whatsoever, so if that to you is seen as a form of censorship, then that’s a whole other can of worms.

If you feel the need to seek clarification from the moderators or anyone else, you could also send a message to @moderators instead of making a post like this too. They are more likely to respond to a message than a post like this.


It posted it in “Features”

Given #features recently received a refresh where all new posts will require a moderator to approve before being pushed to the public, this is again to avoid category from being spammed with the same request again and again.

More often than now, feature requests that you have might already be posted in the category. You just need to look for it with a few searches with different wording to be most likely to find what you’re looking for. If it’s denied, the most probable chance is that it’s a duplicate.

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I will do as you suggested. I searched for Features before posting my thought. Because the IF HUD is a game feature.

Were you trying to revamp the old HUD feature request you made back in 2020?

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Its a duplicate subject by me, I posted on the subject a long time ago. So its not spaming
just elaborated and brought it up one more time. To refresh the topic. Thats hardly spaming.

I’m done with this form in terms of making suggestions or sharing my thoughts.

Its too controlled.

thank you

yes i was bringing up and old thought I had with more clarification and to spark maybe renewed interest

This is a bit of a overreaction, but if you change your mind, I’m certain that the Moderation Team can help you find solace and resolution for the topic at hand. I think that’s the best course of action.

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As I suspected in my previous post. I think this is a misunderstanding that can be resolved in a private message. Look for an active moderator and send them a message if you don’t feel comfortable messaging the whole team. I’m certain this can be resolved.

Stay safe, blue skies!

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  1. You posted it in #general, not #features
  2. As you already have a post for it in #features, the need for another one is redundant.

Even implying that the reason for that topic being closed & unlisted was censorship is almost worrying.