Celebratory Topics for Anniversaries and Birthdays

Hi there! Just wanted to elaborate on a recent discussion regarding the posting of topics concerning anniversaries and birthdays. We’ve seen quite a few topics posted in the last few months along these lines and I’m guilty of it as well. Making this very clear, we are not singling anyone out rather bringing forth the decision making process as a whole for the community from our team.

In order to keep the community tidy and primarily aviation related the Moderation Team has discussed these types of threads with deep thought and regard for the overall community well being. We kindly ask that everyone utilize the PM feature to congratulate fellow community members from here on out.

In closing, we hope you are enjoying all of the aspects and expertise that resides here within the Infinite Flight Community. We hope you all continue to encourage, critique, and motivate one another to continue the great concept of a healthy platform for discussions and information sharing graciously provided by the Infinite Flight Team.



This is something that definitely needed to be addressed, nice job Chris!


Will this include birthdays for famous people like mods developers and IFATC/AET supervisors? Or is this an end to all public birthday?

Would probably be best that we collectively switch our habits to utilizing PMs even for the more famous folks.


Might I add that there was a topic a year back on the lounge which was used a lot for wishing people happy birthday but for the same reasons it was closed. It’s something that is best done privately and it cleans up the forum.


And remember, the people whose birthday it is LOVE getting pms.🤞


Kinda feel like this is for the better, heck if we all PM them they get hundreds of notifications, if we do this in a thread the get none, that isn’t fair is it? 😂

Yep there’s always lots of replies 😂😂😂

I tend to agree Chris, the purpose of this Forum is for Aviation enthusiasts and Infinite Flight user’s to have a Discourse about our love and knowledge for Aviation. This is not a Social Media platform nor a chat room, if you would like to have a chat with another fellow user utilize the PM feature, it is there for a reason after all. 😉


Definitely clears the clutter out. Yes, I know people loved doing it, but it does in a way downgrade the fact that this is a place that exists as a community of discussion for aviators, whether virtual or real. It isn’t really meant for personal matters and events. (simple answer in two words/letters: Private Messaging).

On another note, Levet, I highly recommend pinning this too! 👍🏻

Smooth Skies and Smooth Contributions, by the way.

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I don’t know if I am supposed to react to this in a happy way or disappointed way or not.

I might need more convincing.


This is a good thing. Hopefully now people will concentrate on aviation topics instead of birthdays.
Thanks Chris for sorting this out

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Oh come on… this is what we get for having a little, off-topic celebratory topic? I mean let us have some sort of fun (not saying that isn’t that fun) for some Mod’s birthday, it’s the least we should get.

Here’s some convincing for you:

Today we have 94 forum anniversaries and 4 birthdays.

Imagine the amount of topics that would be created solely for congratulating people if this actually becomes a thing. So far it’s been fairly innocent. But as this place continues to grows, the amount will increase.

This is just acting on something preemptively.


I understand that the moderation team has made it’s decision and I certainly respect that, but would you guys consider making one centralized thread for Birthdays and Anniversaries?

Would be the general category I believe.


I’m sure something can be arranged if that’s what the community wants.

But if you don’t mind me asking, why is a topic necessary when the PM function is available?


No problem. So I can’t speak for everyone else but I certainly appreciate when well wishes come my way from my fellow community members and in return I love any chance I get to make a fellow IFC member feel special on their anniversary or birthday.

That’s just me. I hope my fellow community members can add on to that.


Sooo. I shouldn’t make a post today that says:

Happy Birthday @jakevaz423!

Just to clarify… this should be a PM instead.


No sir, send Jake your best wishes and nice well written message in the PM. 😉

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One thing I am still confused about:

There are many members on here like Laura, @DeerCrusher, basically the staff, developers, and moderators that you would want to wish happy birthday to. The problem is, you don’t know when their birthday is.

Thanks to these types of threads, you know when their birthday will be and you can wish them happy birthday along with others.

I understand that this can cause clogging if used for everyone, but I was thinking there should be some kind of exception for moderators, developers, and staff since there are not many of you guys on here.

Unless there is some way to find someone’s birthday.