Celebration Event! For Reaching 5000 Registered Users! @ KLAX - 16HHMMZJAN15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: This event will be next Saturday, but the time is still being figured out

NOTAM: So here is the plan of the flight, it’s a long one, It’s fine if you leave in-between, but try to stay through out the whole of the event.

So here is the actual course we will be taking for this event. I will allocate a parking spot via PM but expect: Parking: HOLD 340 all the way down to 345. Please request pushback and follow me accordingly. On this movement chart of LAX, where it says C18, C17, C15*, those are where we will be parked. Taxi to Uniform, then turn left, taxi through the bravo strip and hold short runway 25R.

Only a max of 2 aircarfts per runway, if need being, request permission to cross runway 25R, taxi to Foxtrot and line-up and wait.

Below is the route we will take after take-off, please file this route before pushback.

We will be cruising at FL 12.

We will do touch-and-go in the following airports: KNUC, KSAN and KPSP, I wasn’t going to include KPSP but I wanted to test your approach skills so I included it ;)

There is only one thing, you are only allowed to fly Jets, sorry no fighter

Hey guys! Dan here,

If you read @Swang007 post about successfully reaching 5000 registered users then you know what this is about, if you haven’t here is a link to the post;

To celebrate this amazing event I decided (with the help of @Swang007) an event dedicated to this milestone!

Which aircraft you have to use will be in the NOTAM which will either be realised today or tomorrow, stay tuned ;)

Please reply down below if you can make it to the event, it will be very useful, so then I can decide the parking spaces.

Thank you very much for reading! And hope you can make it :D,

Have A Nice Flight

Im coming ! It looks cool

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I have signed you up for the event :), stay tuned for the NOTAM which is being released tomorrow

Have A Great Flight

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