Celebrating with a Big Heart in the skies <3

I wanted to take the time and fly-out our base EFHK to celebrate the Finnair Virtuals 1st anniversary this evening. My celebration flight took place on 17August 2021 between 17:22Z -20:31Z with routing EFHK-EFHK on Expert Server. Departure and Landing both on RW15.

Thank you Finnair VA pilots and Staff, so happy to be part of the big family <3 Congratulations on the first anniversary. Looking forward many years to come!

Here are some shots from the celebration flight.

Pop the champaigne and pushback.

In the making of “Love is in the Air”.

Landed in EFHK after 3:09 hours of flying. It was a nice and quiet evening up here in the Northern skies.



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What app did you use in the last two photos? Other than that nice photos! And happy birthday Finnair VA!

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Hi! I used LiveFlight tracker.
You can switch view on Expert, training and casual servers easily to spot your friends and other aircrafts around the Globe.

And thanks :) I am sure my fellow AYVA pilots appreciate your wishes.

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