Celebrating Lunar New Year with Vietnam Airlines @ WMKK - 271500ZJAN17

This Saturday is Lunar new year, so I would like to invite Singapore VA, China VAs,Thailand VA, Malaysia VA, and Philippines VA to celebrate this special day with Vietnam airline.This event is for everyone who wants to celebrate with us, and you don’t have to be in one of the VA listed to join the event
-Server: Trainning server 1
-We will be flying from WMKK to WSSS
-Please come to the event 10 mins before the departure time
-Spawn at T1 from gate A02 to gate A14
-Flight plan will be provided in the day by (Vietnam airline 1108)
-ATL: below 26000ft
-Tell me if you are joining us on the day so that I can arrange parking for you
Thank You for joining us
(Vietnam Airline: Reach Further)
Vietnam Airlines CEO: Nathan Nguyen
Vietnam Airlines COO: Jeremy Duong


This story is repeated, I really want to join, but I have not been able to understand this format of dates and times. Could you tell me how it applies to Colombia. I join

Better get used to Zulu timing!

Colombia’s time zone is UTC -5
This event is on 271400Z
Let’s break that down:
27: Date
1400Z: UTC timing at time of event
So to convert it to local time, take UTC time + your timezone diff from UTC
(UTC) 1400 + (-0500) = 1400 - 0500 = 0900
So, the event will take place on the 27 of January, at 0900 hours.

You’re welcome!

Spawning at T1 WMKK?

Please use the correct for,at for logging events.

Can I be at T1 Q2? I am from Singapore VA

Happy New Year to all Asia countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year. Wish everyone will have a great new year.


Add me please

I’m Vietnamese, which means I have to celebrate Lunar New Year. Sign me up and I MIGHT come. It is possible that I might not participate because of the holiday itself.

YESS, we are spawning at WMKK

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@IFGPCannedPlacebo T1 GATE A02
@Dossym_Makhanov T1 GATE A03
@Thomas_Thuta T1 GATE A04
@sniperguy135 T1 GATE A05

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Might come for this event

So this event will be at 1.00PM Zulu time

SO your gate will be at T1 GATE A06

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event will be in 4 hours

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@trantram001 Can you tag me 30 minutes before the event?

@sniperguy135 slack me at the time of this event

will see, because i think i gonna be busy

Attention, the event have been rescheduled. The new departure time is 1500Zulu

Joinin’ Gimme a gate