Celebrating Launch of vRYR @ EIDW - 171900ZMAR18


Server: Expert Server

Airport: Dublin (EIDW) - London (EGSS)

Time: 1900Z

Event Brief
St Patrick’s Day Marks an important day for us here at vRYR as we celebrate the success of our launch just 3 days ago. Our first event will celebrate our Irish routes and the humble beginnings of Europe’s Favourite Airline. Tomorrow, we welcome all IFC members to join us as we fly from Dublin to London, the same route which initially helped the airline gain a stronghold in the aviation industry. The event will begin promptly at 1900Z and request all community members attend 10 mins early for pref-light preparations with our Director of Operations @jmwilliams17

We continue to welcome all members looking to join vRYR to register at: www.virtualryr.com. Come see what’s it’s like to fly with us, and if possible join us now to become part of our live voice chat tomorrow at the event on our discord channel.

For gates, please register your interest below


Terminal 1 Gate 200L
Terminal 1 Gate 200R
Terminal 1 Gate 201
Terminal 1 Gate 202
Terminal 1 Gate 203 @CaptAwesomeAaron
Terminal 1 Gate 204 @Aviationluver
Terminal 1 Gate 205L @ElCapitan
Terminal 1 Gate 205R @jmwilliams17
Terminal 1 Gate 206T @SouthernDude
Terminal 1 Gate 207T
Terminal 1 Gate 311
Terminal 1 Gate 312
Terminal 1 Gate 313L
Terminal 1 Gate 313R
Terminal 1 Gate 314


You know the drill, titles not looking right


corrected, thank you

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Probably I nicer way to say it, he’s seasoned on these forums everyone makes mistakes.


I hope to make it! Give me gate 204 please :)


205L for me please :)

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I may come.

206T callsign “OUCH”

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Hello, I would like to register for a gate. It doesn’t matter which one.

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Only 5 hours till our event starts. Make sure to secure a gate.

Hey mr Yash, could I get a gate please?

I will join! Gate 202 please.

I think we should start spawning in, right?

And where if the FPL? Do we make it ourselves?

Gimme a gate if u still have time

Flight plan can be copied off one of the vRYR pilots :)

Thanks for the great event! Can’t wait for more to come in the future.

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