Celebrating 500 Big Bear Flights! @ L35 - 162130ZOCT16

Hello, and Welcome To Big Bear’s ninth event, in this special event we will be celebrating our 500 flights.

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: L35, KLAX, KSAN

Time: 2130Z

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions and land on the open runway.

The event will be divided into 3 parts, the first one at 1800Z, the second part at 2000Z, and the last one at 2130Z.

The distance of the 3 flights totals 500 Nautical Miles, this was made in honor of our 500 flights.

First Leg: L35 - KLAX

Time: 1800Z

Nautical Miles: 135

Cruise Altitude and Speed:

Altitude: FL 180
Speed: 320kts Airspeed

A nice flight from Big Bear to Los Angeles, after takeoff we will head North and fly over Southern California Logistics (KVCV), then we will head East and fly over Palmdale Regional (KPMD), and after that, we are going to start turning South and land at Los Angeles.

Second Leg: KLAX - KSAN

Time: 2015Z

Nautical Miles: 210

Cruise Altitude and Speed:

Altitude: FL 300
Speed: 340kts Airspeed

The largest route of the day, we will take off from Los Angeles (KLAX) and head down to Catalina (KAVX) for a nice view, then we will head to the coast to fly over Oceanside (KOKB) after that we will start turning for approach to San Diego (KSAN)

Third Leg: KSAN - L35

Time: 2130Z

Nautical Miles: 163

Cruise Altitude and Speed:

Altitude: FL 200
Speed: 320kts Airspeed

Our last flight of the day, after takeoff we will head over Tijuana (MMTJ) we will leave Mexico and head north to go back to Big Bear (L35) and complete the event!.


#See You There!

Thank you @AdamCallow for the event idea.
Event Sponsored by Big Bear VA


What a great event to celebrate the 500th flight.


Thank you @kudzuchimp hopefully we will see you there!

I hope to make it, if my schedule permits.

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WOW!! look at that second leg…


Yeah right!! It was made for it to fly over Catalina, the view it’s beautiful!

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I might make one or two legs. It is quite long!

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I would love to come, but sadly I don’t have live. :( Well done on 500 flights!

Don’t forget to use charts!


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See you all tomorrow!

I added it to the calendar i will do my best to join
Callsign: YOU642
What aircraft is recommended??

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I would recommend a small 737 or E-jet


Help us make our special event break the assistance record of Big Bear Events of 17 people!

Sounds like a great flight, but the Dash usually would ever exceed ~270 kts airspeed in cruise.

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why are you saying that?

Oh, you are saying it because of the pic! lol it’s just for show and its an amazing pic from @AdamCallow

No, I just noticed it from the leg details giving the cruise altitudes and speeds. Other than that small issue it sounds like a great event!

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I mean that we are not flying the Dash on the event :)

Oh, I misunderstood, sorry :)

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No problem dude!

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Very good event and very well planned out.

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