Celebes to Javanese | GA676 Makassar - New Yogyakarta (UPG-YIA) Time lapse

Hi all! Doing things from home is boring especially in times of viruses like this, I always think that after completing the flight, I will do it nicely if I screenshot then send it to the fan group or make an interesting video. To get rid of boredom I finally made a semi-time lapse video after finishing my flight on IF.

It is recommended you watch it using earphones or headphones / headsets, because I adjust the audio and background music. Relax and watch until end, especially during the cruise-descend phase i add some music. suggested to watch 1080p for more quality. Please let me know what you think.

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I beg to judge the audio from the aspect between the music volume and the engine volume

  • I am comfortable listening to it, the sound of music and the engine is not loud
  • The sound of the engine when the outside camera is too loud
  • The music is too loud so the ATC chatter or engine is not heard
  • All the sounds are too loud

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