Cebu Pacific Airbus A330-300 (Old Livery)

Old thread is very inactive and with one vote lol.


Cebu Pacific A330-300 (Old Livery)

Photo Credit: fablee on JetPhotos

The New Cebu Pac A330 thread has gotten some of attention, so I decided to remake the thread with the original livery.

With the addition of this livery, it would give more diversity to the Filipinos of this community as we don’t have a Philippine livery on the A330. It also opens up more routes from the Philippines, while adding to the Filipino aircraft fleet.

Destinations using the A330, Cebu Pacific Website

Manila to Sydney will be a possibility, as we have no PAL or Qantas A330s as of now.

UPDATE 07/13/21: Cebu Pacific (New) A330 added! Let’s hope for the old one as well!

Airbus A330

Cebu Pacific

Feel free to vote!

Hi man, but unfortunately, already he has a duplicate.

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That’s the new livery, this is the old one as shown in the title


This is actually for the Old Livery, and not the New one 😊


Oh! I’m so confused about Cebu Pacific a few separate Old and New livery and someone missed and I think so? May, If you can talk to him the topic, thanks. Sorry.

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they use this livery to international destination and domestic destinations

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Before Covid rolled along, a flight from Dubai to Manila costed as low as 30 bucks using this A330!

another sourc


I flew that plane from Manila to Narita April 19 2019, but with the new livery.

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I flew the old livery to Singapore in 2018!

Voted. I’ve flown Cebu pacific quite a bit. Especially their A330, it’s designed as a high capacity aircraft, all economy seats.

Flew this aircraft quite a bit.

Manila-Cebu, Cebu-Manila
Manila-Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Manila
Manila-General Santos, General Santos-Manila
Manila-Dubai, Dubai-Manila

I’d love to see this in game, would be fun to fly MNL-DXB on this beauty. Kinda biased towards the older livery, looks better IMO.

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I can also use it for cargo.

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Voted! Basta Pinoy, lets go!


I’ve done that (In IF) on the PAL 77W

Sheeeeesh 🥶


Thanks y’all for your support!

New livery confirmed, this isn’t though 😔

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New livery added, let’s hope for the old one!

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Cebu Pacific’s A330s are jam packed, with a one-class amount of 436 seats, 4 under the exit limit!


Low Fare, Great Value

As a low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific has served more than 140 million passengers across 30 international flight routes and 38 domestic flight routes.


I honestly really love this livery, probably even more than the new livery… Anyways, hope it gets added!

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