Cebu Pacific A330

Why why com on my 2nd fav airline with 6 a330s but the most cramped a330 in the world


I think because Cebu Pacific is a Low-Cost Airline? (In this case same like AirAsia X’s A330). Though this addition would be a Good idea to fill MNL-SYD passengers demand

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ha dumb their both low cost but Cebu pacific is 1st in Philippines
(plus airasia has business

I’m sure they are very pleased with their money making machines.
Let’s face it, if they can fill all the seats then they are laughing all the way to the bank.

And it’s not exactly common to see many super tall and obese people in that part of the world. Maybe the locals don’t find the space that much of a problem?

So what’s the legroom?

30 inch seat pitch, 16.5 inch wide seats. So about the same as Ryanair 737s. Tight, but not exactly brutal.

Time to file this under list of airlines not to fly on…

I fly with Cebu scince 2006

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