Cebu Pacific A321NEO

The A321NEO

Height 11M
Length 44M
Wing Span 35M
Range 7400KM
Speed M0.82
Passengers 244

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific was founded in 1988 and is based in Manila. It serves 64 destinations with a fleet of 49 (excluding subsidiaries) .

Their Subsidiary is Cebgo and they are part of Value Alliance. Their slogan is “Let’s take to the sky”.

I think that this a very nice livery on the A321 NEO and that this should be added when the A321N is released in IF.


Thank You!

If you like this livery, please vote!

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Freed up a vote for this; Not sure why, but I just really like this livery.

Hi @Robertine! If You want the livery, you make a separate topic about the livery. If you want the plane, make a separate topic about it. You can’t add a feature request for the livery because we don’t even have the A321 Neo in the game…

There are no rules against creating livery requests for aircraft we do not have in the game.

Yes, but he has made a topic about 2 things:
-The A321Neo
-Cebu pacific A321 livery
If he wants to, he will need to make separate topics about them, because those are the rules.

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Incorrect. He made a single topic about the Cebu Pacfic Livery on the A321NEO. Let’s not get off-topic now. PM me if you want to continue this conversation.

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Well I’m not saying he can’t make a livery for a plane that’s not in the game, but if he does, it will be closed by a moderator…

Flag it if you’d like, but he’s allowed to. :)

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I think he just included a brief specifications of A21N. At first glance, I see OP is requesting the livery rather than both the aircraft and livery.

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Whatever, I think this topic should be closed…

It’s just like the Southwest 737 MAX 8 topic.
We don’t have the 737MAX but they were just requesting the Southwest livery :)

I have to agree with @AsternAviation. It does sound like he’s just listing the specifications of the aircraft, and is only requesting the livery itself.

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Give it a rest. You flagged it, we rejected the flag for the reasons mentioned by previous users.


Okay! Chill everyone! You’re all acting like I’m the bad guy here, That was literally my opposite intention… Jeez.

And i wouldn’t have said anything if you hadn’t brought it up 4 times :)

Let’s move on now, shall we?


hello, how about all A350 livery request fleet?
actually idc so i voted

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I made the specifications a spoiler so it should be ok, now :)

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Well the A350 is confirmed, the A321 NEO is not…


Hi I know it’s the time yet to vote this but one of my vote become successful added livery, I will definitely vote for this!!

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