[Ceased Operations] Paradisair Regional Flight Contracting

I’m sorry to inform you Paradisair has ceased operations. We have been purchased by (coming soon).
Please See Our New Topic For More Info

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I’m pretty sure you can’t join the group as a pilot.

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Yes, but there is a forum there to join as a pilot and be govern to either airline

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OK, I’ll join in a second.

Can hopper airways fly e190s for paradisair?

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This is unknown yet, we are going through difficult times, and will get back to you as soon as we can. We are thinking about merging or flying under another undisclosed airline. This would be like Commair and Delta before Commair shutdown.

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We’ve changed, check out the top post!

So now, @Narroc_Wim, you can operate with us! You can use any plane, just PM me about it. As soon as I get routes from other VA’s I will pass some on.

I want to operate them on Lax-San and Pdx-Sea. I also can operate c208s in Hawaii for island hopping flights.

That depends on if airlines need those routes. I will suggest them though.

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Still looking for pilots and more VA’s! We already have started to operate for Delta and hope more airlines use our services!

@hmkane Good news, I’m getting Live soon, will fly for Paradisair. Favored air plane is the A321 :-)

We came out with a website! Link up top! We currently operate for BA Virtual, TravelSky, and Delta Virtual!

And rest in piece SkyWest Virtual 2016-2016

What exactly is “SkyWest Virtual” and why “Rest in Piece”? Check out our website if SkyWest would like to join. [Website] (http://paradisair.weebly.com)

I have sent you a pm regarding paradise air contracting :)

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We still need more Major VAs to operate routes for, just cause we are small doesn’t mean to not use our service, in fact, we already have business with VA giant TravelSky, Delta Virtual, and more!

I will get back to you with news about the partnership tomorrow. Expect work and routes ;)

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Thank you!