CDG To RUN - Join Me On My Flight @ FMEE 142000ZSEP18

Hi guys who want to join me on te flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to St.-denis.
I’m going to fly in a A380 of Air Austral. i wil take of on 09:00 P.M Amsterdam time thats 08:00 P.M london time.
You can also take a 787-800, 777-200 of Air austral. 777-300 Air France
copy my flight plan.
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Who want to join its a realy nice flight over africa and a nice island to land on

Please follow the correct event format when creating an event.

#live is not a place to post group flights. #live:events is


its not an event i ask people if they want to fly whit me

Maybe make a PM about it with those you want to fly with. But we can’t have a bunch of threads saying “Want to do a group flight with me?”


That is considered an “event” here on the IFC. Any type of group flight is. :)


i’m ready i’m standing on gate C14 deparding in 30 min

I might join in a little while - but you haven’t made a flight plan that I can copy anyway

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Not to rain on your parade by 2000Z is not until another hour and a half

No it isn’t … 8PM BST is in 22 minutes.

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The zulu military time is currently 1840Z. BST is GMT+1

I am aware of that. And where did he mention zulu time?

It’s the proper event format for IFC.

But it looks like now he has changed it to 1900Z. Event is now in 15 minutes.

I know - I apologise I didn’t read the title. However, in the description he did say 8.00PM London time

You might want to look up the Zulu time because I think parts of England are in a different timezone than others.

No - I live in London and every part is the same (excluding overseas territories). We’re on British Summer Time currently (BST), which is UTC+1

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Taxi to runway 27R it is a long way to taxi

It’s nice… But I’ve school :(

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If you want to we can make any random flught together, PM me if you are interested

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for sure i we can fly together i will pm you if i got a nice route :)

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