CDG gates question

Is the gates of Paris Charles de Gaulle not there not all there?

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I believe they are, especially since it is a major hub airport. Is there a specific one that you’re looking for?

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I’m looking for K37 it looks like they are all there just seems to have the wrong gate numbers

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Yep, I’ve had a look at it now. Seems as if they might have misnumbered some gates at Terminal 2.

After having a look, it seems as if they’ve skipped gate K37 and just done Gate 33 and then to Gate 39 perhaps. Although, it’s confused me too. Good catch, though! Hopefully someone from IFAET will have a look :)


Are you sure it’s K37? It doesn’t exist in the airport schematic.

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Yes 100% looking at it it looks like the gate numbers are just wrong


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Wrong? The airport wasn’t reworked too long ago, and it was redone by a supervisor. The gate numbers seem to match what’s shown on Google Maps.

May be something with the charts you’re looking at (outdated)?

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The website is the airport website

I had a look at an up to date ground parking chart and there is no gate K37.

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Looking at that, Gate K37 & K39 appear to be almost combined. Gate 39 seems to exist in Infinite Flight, so they could just be counted as one…

Well I see K38 but if you look at the picture (right above restaurants/stores you will see the map overview) it is in the wrong location in infinite flight.

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The airport picture is for passengers.
It does not necessarily reflect the aircraft docking.
The Docking chart From CDG has no position K37.

It might be that the Passenger Gate K37 is used to feed passengers into busses for remote aircraft positions.

I think @Major-Tom has hit it on the nail.


Oh ok. It makes sense now. Thank you.

Also K37 might board into a different bridge.

Basically at CDG the gates which are shown in IF aren’t the actual gates IRL. You basically have to find the where your gate is by looking at the airport map and than finding that same position in IF. I know it’s really weird but that’s how they do it.

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That is not true!
All Aircraft parking position in IF are where they are in real life!
You can easily compare IF and real world aerodrome charts:

Comparison examples


The difference is that you have the passenger gates and then I guess the gate list which the pilot has. Most of the gates are similar enough where by looking at the passenger gate and you can figure out the gate in IF. CDG was the exception

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I meant that the boarding gates are different than the gates which are shown on the ground.

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