CCC VOR missing in PARCH3 STAR of IF

Is it me or is the CCC VOR/DME missing in the Infinite Flight KJFK PARCH3 STAR?


It’s you, look just under “ROBER expect radar” at the bottom of the route description box and you’ll see the square with a hexagon inside depicting the VOR

i mean in IF mate, the PARCH3 STAR in IF does not have CCC

Ohh gotcha now haha, my apologies! I did wonder!

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Sometimes in IF, if you select a STAR or SID Transition, it omits waypoints and instead inputs the most direct route.

The way to fix this is to select the route that shows the missing waypoints and then input the transition waypoints to create the full route.

For example,

Just add the waypoints in the previous picture to these and you’ll get your STAR properly.

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