Cc website

Hi IFC! I was wondering if anyone recommends any websites for making a CC, I don’t want to have to code it, just design it.



If you want a pre built Crew Center, I would recommend.

We both have some types of customisation.

As far as making your own, I believe wix has an accounts feature, although I very much recommend using a prebuilt one since both my and @KaiM’ screw centres are dedicated for IF

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Nothing free? other than wix

wix is free but most free website are with ads.

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I can’t speak for Flare, although I believe that VAHost Provides a free service.

VACenter provides free hosting for 3 months then just $4/month after that. ( However you can host it on your own computer if you wish.

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By the way mate, here you are requesting a Crew Center, right ?

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well, I wanted to make it myself. but I can’t garuntee I will start a VA I just want to see how to do it

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Ah, you want to create a crew center by yourself ? From scratch ?

preferably but I don’t really mind

Yea, im just going off of prior knowledge, i know wix has an accounts feature but im not sure how that will go as far as pireps and what not. You can try using AirTable as a sort of mini crew center.

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Hi, I am on the website and how do I actually get the website?

That’s KaiM’s product, so you can either get it through, or host it yourself by downloading from GitHub - va-net/flare: Modern and Responsive VA Crew Center - Designed for Infinite Flight and Integrated with VANet

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and what does heating on my laptop mean?

Do you mean Hosting?

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yes, that is what I mean

So essentially I’ll try to break it down:

You need a computer to run Flare or VACenter on,

You can either do it on your own computer (you need to keep it on 24/7)

Or use a hosting provider like VAHost (For Flare, or VACenter Hosting (For VACenter,

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but where do I get the website itself? @Sam_Neale



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I am here, now what?


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