Cbro4 - Spotting Session @ KTPA (04APR2018)

Hey everyone! I was spotting at KTPA earlier this week and I thought I would share my top 20 shots. I ended up taking over 100 pictures, so it was hard to limit it down from there. I believe I was able to see every airline serviced at KTPA, that isn’t international (they only operate 1 flight per international airline). Enjoy!


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6
Lens: Canon 75-300mm lens

All images are copyright! You must ask me to use them!
All shots are unedited. PM me for usage or if you want to edit a shot.

Terminal Area @ KTPA

American A321 N195UW

Southwest B737 N228WN

Frontier A320 N309FR

Delta A321 N313DN

Delta A321 N322DN

JetBlue A320 N505JB

Southwest B737 N7730A

Southwest B737 N7860A

Southwest B737 N7886A

United B738 N73270

Prime Air B763 Registration Unknown

Feel free to comment below with your favorite pics.

NOTE: I had to pick up my friend who took the Delta A321. That’s why there’s a ton of pictures of it. 😉


N7860A had to be a favorite. The glare off the Southwest gave the aircraft a sort of bright effect. Was that Aircraft landing as well?


No, that aircraft had just begun rotating off the runway. They did do a runway change in the middle of my session, so that’s why some of the aircraft are landing the other way.

Also hoping to post pictures from KATL that I got the next day, so stay tuned for that.

Great shots, keep up the great work.


Thanks! Sorry I couldn’t make it to your neck of the woods.

Very nice shots! Southwest B737 landing is 💵.

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All of them are my favorite I can’t just chose one

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@Cbro4 Look at your 7th photo.
I think the Prime Air B767’s reg is shown.

That is a different Prime Air. There happened to be two when I was there.

Oh. Interesting stuff. Your photos were on the 💵

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Thank you! I tried to chose the best ones I had.

Southwest dominates KTPA 😂.
My favourite photo is Southwest N7886A.

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Registration known, you can see the tail of it in the delta 321 pictures🙃

Someone else mentioned that above.

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Oh sorry I did not read all the comments, cool to see two prim airs though

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You should come to the local KCVG. You’ll see 15-30 in a day.

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Ya Ohio is not that far from Pittsburgh, but we don’t go that way often, still somthing I want to go see, love the prime air…

Everyone in Pittsburgh has their fingers crossed for HQ2 for the investment in the region, jobs, etc… I just hoe if we get it we get Prime Air too🙃

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