Cbro4 - Spotting Session @ KCVG (25MAR2018)

Hey everyone! I was spotting at KCVG earlier this week (I’ve been super busy lately) and thought I would share my top shots. Enjoy!


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6
Lens: Canon 75-300mm lens
Tripod: Mefoto Roadtrip

All images are copyright! You must ask me to use them!
All shots are unedited. PM me for usage or if you want to edit a shot.

Cargo Area @ KCVG

The sun sets over RWY 27

Ameriflight SW4 N241DH

Delta B738 N385DN

Polar Air Cargo B744 N450PA

Delta Connection CRJ9 N604LR

United Express ERJ Registration Unknown

Polar Air Cargo/DHL B744 Registration Unknown

Special thanks to @Matt737 for letting me use his super nice format.


Awesome! The panned CRJ-900 is my favorite!

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Thank you! I was in awe when I got it. I think that was my first pan shot.

My favorite is probably the Delta B738 on rotation. That was completely unedited. The sun just popped out at the right angle. I didn’t even see it until I went back through my pics.


Thats an odd one. Very detailed spotting.

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Ameriflight has a small hangar in the center of the airport. Plus, FlightAware was good at telling me what it was. I had no clue.

Oh! I forgot to include this in the original, but it’s poll time.

Should I stay or should I go?

  • Try new spotting area (i.e. Runway ends, parking garage, etc.)
  • Stay in the official viewing area

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It’s always good to try new locations. It’s better than the same shots from the same angles!

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That’s what I was thinking, but the “official” spotting location is really nice. It’s right in the middle of 18L/36R and 27/09. You get a nice view of the cargo and pax terminals (they are equally spaced with one on the right and one on the left). But I think the parking garage might be cool too. We’ll just wait and see :)


Our official spotting location at IAH is backlit the whole day, which is why us spotters decided to find some new spots!

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The people have spoken! A new area it is!!!

Gorgeous shots! I love the sunset one

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