Cbro4 - Spotting Session @ CYMX/CYND (26JUL2018)

Hey everyone! I was spotting at Mirabel and Gatineau a few months ago and I thought I would share some of my photos. Hope you enjoy!


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6
Lens: Canon 18-55mm lens, Canon 75-300mm lens

All images are copyright! You must ask me to use them!
PM me for usage or if you want to edit a shot.

Antonov Design Bureau A124 UR-82029

Vintage Flying Museum B29 N529B

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Couldn’t decide which FIFI edit I liked more, so I threw them both in. 😊

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A quick glimpse and I thought it said FNF for a second there 😅


Great shots! Did you head out just to see the AN124? That seems like a bit of a random airport.

btw does anyone else think the AN124 looks funny? It looks like a sad duck to me.

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I was driving by it on my way to the Canadian Aviation Museum. I drove past, saw the Antonov Tail, and turned the car around at the next exit. The B29 was because someone at the museum had mentioned it. It was a beast to see. If you look to the left in the second AN124 pic, you can see a person for reference.

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The Antonov looks really nice! :D

Great pictures!


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