Cbro4 - Spotting Review - A Look at 2018!


That Prime Air though 😍 great photos!


Great idea for a topic and amazing shots! Do you mind if I make a similar topic with my favorite spotting shots of mine? (I’ll be sure to credit you)


Yeah, no worries! I saw @David_Beckett’s and @SimpleWaffles and made my own.


Great collection of photos!! I especially love that Prime Air and the Rouge 767 is stunning - hope those both get added if we ever see a 767 refresh 🀞🏼


Loved photos #8 and #1!


Amazing photos, keep up the good work! Glad there’s a CVG spotter on the IFC. 😊


They are all incredibly amazing!!! I love the shot of the Boeing 787-9 and the 747-400. You are so lucky and look forward to seeing more!