Cbro4 - ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ OMDB - TS

Thanks for showing up @Trevor_A, @Trio, and @CaptAC! Controlling service terminated.

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Good job on the ground awareness ;’)

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He’s trying to learn, not have people like you coming and pushing back and taxiing without permission (trolling).
This will get you ghosted on the expert server so I don’t see the point in doing that

I was there, it was a misunderstanding on both ends. No pushback was needed, he didn’t taxi without permission. It’s been resolved.


I am currently controlling KCVG (Ground) on the training server for Saturday Night Patterns. Feel free to join!


Glad your controlling this time for SNP. I will stop by

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on my way. Nasa 1!!!

Ok, just follow instructions. Everyone is in a CRJ for the event.

@Cbro4 @lucaviness
• I requested taxi to 27 which was the closest to me and you told me taxi to 18 C which was totally far away…
• Why did you told me to cross runway 27. I was on the halfway of the taxiway and havent asked to cross runway
•I tryied to do what most grade 1 pilots do. When I was ready for takeoff, instead of changing frequency, I told you: request frequency change. Your responce was stay on my frequency->WHY?? There is a message on the misc. message section for : duplicate frequency change. It might be very helpfull some times.
•Your sequencing was totally perfect and also the inbound procedures.
•No need to tell me turn base there. We had some space with Delta077.
•I spawned on the nearest airport to see your transition procedures. You told me at or above 2500ft when your airspace extends to 3400ft.

All in all, very good but you still need to work on some things…Keep practising

Thanks, Thomas


Thank you. I’ll be PMing you with why I did what I did. Also, I was not Tower, @lucaviness was.

I ll tag also @lucaviness

Controlling service terminated. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the feedback. In regards to the transition, 2500 is above my patterns.

No, your transition is bases on what your airspace extends to.

Not exactly. If all of my aircraft are in the pattern it’s a reasonable 2500. @Cbro4 am I correct?

No, it depends on the airspace class if I’m not mistaken. You two should take this to a PM. :)


yes, What @Cbro4 says above. Transition might be different on each and every airport. You should always look what your airspace extends to.

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I am currently controlling CYXS (Tower and Ground) on the training server. Feel free to join!

EDIT: Controlling service terminated.

I am currently controlling OMDB (Tower and Ground) on the training server. Feel free to join!

EDIT: Controlling service terminated. Thanks for stopping by!

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I can join in 5mn.!! Nasa 1.

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