Cayo Coco (MUCC/CCC) airport bug

Cayo Coco (MUCC/CCC) Airport should be able to hold large jets since it does in real life (as you can see below, there are flights with the A332, 772, & IL9), yet when I try in IF, it says that the airport doesn’t have any available start locations for the aircraft.


Since this airport isn’t 3D it means it hasn’t been updated yet to hold large aircraft even though it does irl. Non-3D airports tend to not be as realistic as the airport irl. Once it becomes 3D it should be able to hold large aircraft.

Thank you so much!

No problem. Have a good day

That’s not entirely accurate. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of 2D-only airports are up-to-par with their real-world counterparts. This is a result of many airports being reworked within a few months to a year prior to the migration to the in-app editor.

Furthermore, some airports, such as MMU and TLV definitely not a plug for two airports I’m working on, will remain 2D-only for the foreseeable future, yet will be of the highest quality in an upcoming my update. We can rework fields without adding any 3D objects. 😎


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