Cayman Airways Takes Delivery of First 737 MAX 8

This is the first of the airline’s four 737 MAX 8 aircraft that it has on order. All four are being leased straight from the factory by ALC. These aircraft will be replacing it’s ageing 737-300 aircraft. It is the first 737 MAX to be operated by a Caribbean airline. Cayman Airways will take on another 3 737 MAX 8 aircraft in the next 20 months, with the next one scheduled for March of 2019.

Here is a link to my friend’s Instagram post with the plane:



Next is Caribbean Airlines! 😁

Seriously, the Cayman Airways livery fits the 737 MAX so well, I hope to see this beauty in the near future.


Can’t wait to see these coming to Denver in March!

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Also forgot to mention that 2018 is the 50 year anniversary of the airline. So it’s sort of like a birthday present :) also got this poster from the event

sorry about the glare on the photo

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I hate to be the party pooper here, but we really can’t have a topic about all new deliveries, same as we have with accidents…

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I mean it’s a big occasion for the airline and the MAX program in general so I think it deserves a post.

I suppose, but think of the many airlines that have MAX orders do we want a topic when all of them get one?

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Not necessarily, but it’s less of a big thing when American or Air Canada for example gets one since they have a lot of them. Plus for the first delivery I don’t see why not, especially when it’s the first in a region.

Sweet! Looks great! Fits the airline well for sure.

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Yes, I suppose it is a big deal, and I’m certainly not trying to play down the reagonal significance, I suppose we’ll See the mods call…

Fiji Airways also just got their first 737MAX… This livery looks great with the old style titles.

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Very happy to see airlines from other fellow Caribbean countries expand! Hopefully they don’t expand too fast and keep it slow and steady. (look at what happened to Insel Air, PAWA, Dutch Antilles Express)

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Might want to change that to “It is the first 737 MAX to be operated by a Caribbean airline.”


Yeah my bad haha

Wow. The livery looks amazing!

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Dang that interior looks like a palace! A great livery too! 👍


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