Cayman Airways First 737 MAX in Final Assembly!

Cayman Airways is the only Caribbean airline that will operate the 737 MAX (So far). It will receive 4 of them in total replacing it’s three 737-300 aircraft and 1 737-800. This will allow them to have the most modern fleet in the entire Caribbean. Although sadly even though this plane is in final assembly, it won’t be delivered to the airline until late November due the 737 production line being very backed up. (Not enough engines/oxygen tanks)

I personally love the Cayman Airways livery, but I was sad when I saw the winglet for the 737-800 they received in 2016. It just had the airline name written on it, but this new winglet looks amazing with the airline’s logo from the vertical stabilizer being transferred to it.


Photo credits to @aeroimageschris on twitter and @woodysaeroimages on IG


That first 737 MAX will be operating out of Denver if I am correct.

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It will in March, if I’m right. Can’t wait to spot it in DEN!


Not out of denver, but it will be used on Denver routes from MWCR. It will still be used on other routes like Miami and Kingston when it’s serving Denver.

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Currently trying to get tickets on the inaugural flight to Denver.

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