Cayman Airways Boeing 737-800

One of my favourite airlines, would love to see this in Infinite Flight.image

Picture taken by me

Do you want this livery in if?

  • Yes
  • No

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Looks awesome! Make sure to put it in features next time. :)

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Apologies, my first post on the forum in about a month, just forgot a few things :)

Polls in feature requests aren’t helpful. If you want the livery in Infinite Flight, like it so the developers can see what the community wants (they can sort by likes). Polls make it much harder to find out which requests are liked more.


Ok, I won’t include them in the future.


That tail wing… <3

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Looks good!

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I’m just creeped out how the guy taking a picture near the lower right corner looks identical to the guy in the lower left corner. Same clothes…

I like it.

We need more airlines based in islands for global.

I’m wearing the same clothes as well, school uniform, every school in the Cayman Islands has a uniform.

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Any livery that isn’t in Infinite Flight needs to be added.

We can only hope, although that will never happen

Love the design of the tail

Ok. So it’s a school uniform. That clears things up ;)

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