Cayman Airways 737-800

First of all I am making this new request because the last one got closed.

With the recent confirmations of the Qantas and new GOL livery on the 737-800 I was hoping the devs could consider adding this livery. This would be a perfect livery for Caribbean flights, also for the few members of the Caymanian Infinite Flight community it would mean to world to us if this livery was added.

Picture credit to Barry Shipley on

The tail looks pretty neat


With all the hype around the new liveries, wingflex, and other features being added to the 737 in Infinite Flight I would like to bump this post back up to hopefully get it to the devs attention.

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We need this.

I like that plane! I’ve seen the Cayman Airways 737MAX 8 at MSP a number of times.