Cavotec system

I think this should be done.
Cavotec system.
This would help us to taxi into gate with out having to change camera view,it will guide you into the gate all you have to do is turn right or left depeding on what it tells you.(This will only be able to be done if 3D building are available)

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If you disagree say the reason.


Something like Safedock?


Its a display,shows you weither to turn right or left and how many meters left until you have to stop.
Its an automated marshaller.

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Yes, Safedock.


Alright then,its the safedock

But i think "Cavotec system"would be better to say then safedock,not sure.

Apparently not many people know what Cavotec is… Since Safedock is more well-known and it is exactly what a Cavotec is, Safedock would be the better term…

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how would this work when they can’t add terminal buildings? FSX doesn’t even have this it would be awesome but i can’t see it happening

@Thomas_Oehrling don’t be rash, read before replying (unless you’ve indeed read)

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In that case, it would be very useful if I ever try to taxy again on cockpit view (I think I taxied through the grass once).

i think they are meant for when you are turning into a gate line

A stand guidance system would be nice for IF, considering that when you try to park in cockpit view, it is hard to be accurate. image


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