CAVOK to be displayed as “perfect” visibility (21SM)

I would like to request that airports reporting CAVOK in their METAR have a visibility of 21SM (very good visibility) in the app instead of 6SM, as they have in the moment.

While CAVOK in real life means the visibility is 10km or greater which translates into 6SM or greater and this is therefore not an error in the app, CAVOK is mostly used in the METAR to inform about (very) good weather conditions.

Unfortunately this is not the way CAVOK looks like in the app.

With CAVOK in the METAR the weather is often shown as slightly foggy, worse than the weather generated by the app in areas with bad weather + bad visibility conditions.

I know that 6SM visibility for CAVOK is a correct conversion, but most of the times the real weather with CAVOK is very good and more like 21SM than 6SM conditions, which is why I request that CAVOK is displayed as 21SM to simulate the sunny weather CAVOK most of the time signifies.

Closed on request