"Caution: "IF Pilot at Work"!

You see it every day in these columns. Pot Shots and Finger Pointing. Let’s be objective shall we! What or who is primerally at fault for the disconnect and continual structural & organizational brake downs . I say the primary disconnect in the IF Universe is the PILOT and not the ATC! IF ACT has a structure and purpose! They’ve got Strong Leadership, a Staff, a Rule Book, a Schedule, a Game Plan which requires study & a Stepping Stone Advancement Sytem that results in Well Qualified Controllers on the back end, the Advanced Server! . The IF Pilot Community on the other hand is a Mod, better yet a Herd. In most cases when there’s a brake down, a leaderless Stampeed, it refuses to follow the Leader or it takes giant leaps before it can crawl. The IF Pilot Community is a mixed bag. There are some IF Pilots with a lot of real Flyin or Simulater experience and approach the IF Universe with a bag full of trick and fit right in after a short orientation period. Then there’s the Fledgling and of course the " Know it all"! Most Fledglings come on board from the “Gamming” Community. They’ve been flying unstructured. shootem up games etc. There first official act on joining is to strap on a 777 or Fighter and crash and burn. Eventually they get the message, read the tutorials, work up thru the inventory and come out at the end ready to fly the Playground. There they get there ticket punched and become a young Eagle with a thirst for aviation knowledge and adventure. Then we have the " know it all" They have a bad attitude from the get go! There the instagater, the malcontent, the spoiler. You know them, you see them every day. Somehow they advance to the Playground. There the free agents, every rule must be broken, they want to be first so they cut the taxi line, block the threshold, demand the Controllers attention, do a short final and brake up an orderly, well organize Approch etc. Until the Mob/Herd gets its head screwed down tight and plays by the rules the IF Universe is going to continue to face chaos from time to time. So Pilots Police your own, punch the button on “Them” Pilots here’s a tip. Learn to “Fly”, practice out in the boondocks with your aircraft of choose. Master it, understand the mechanics what every button and toggle does in the aircraft and its effect. Understand “Map” and always File w/ final Destination as the last entry. Then Pilot go Directly to the Playground. Sit in Parking at an active airfield, listen/observe/learn. Stay away from Controlled Class “B” airfield until you are confident. You got the Dot Pilot, you are the final decision maker, ATC does not fly in your right seat. You can’t consider yourself a Pilot in Command (PIC) until your tickets punched. When you get to the Advanced you’ll be sharp as a tack! By the time your tickets pinched you’ll recognize the awesome responsibility held in the hands of the Controller and understand it’s a partnership not a hardship. Just Sayin, Max Sends


@Maxmustang…well said…but once again another cry out for Pilots to play fair and be respectful…this has been said ssssoooo many times and posted for all to see…and yet today once again…you are still here repeating & preaching…i hope that something will change…all i see is :hear_no_evil: :thumbsup:…good luck


I would agree although I’m not a pilot I’ve done my research and understand the basics and it’s so annoying to be flying around and being totally cut up those who just don’t have a clue not even the basic basics. Having said that we need to remember it is at the of the day a game and with the current rules and access we are going to have to accept it for that however maddening it may seem.


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I wish Matt or Phillipe would comment on one of these post to re assure us and let us know what they think on the subject. We have all been ranting about it for months. I absolutely agree with you Max if everyone did this it would be a lot more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone on the playground and advanced servers.

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Every amateur IF pilot should read this. This will help you learn IF in an enjoyable way. Great post!