Causes of Dutch Roll

I recently flew an A321 from Yerevan to Abu Dhabi, when I experienced Dutch roll over southern Iran. What can cause this?


What was your altitude and weight? Along with winds?

Was most movement banking compared to yawing?

FL360 with a 14kt crosswind. I cannot remember the weight

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It was a bit of both. As the aircraft banked in each direction, it yawed simultaneously.

Sorry but may I ask your speed as well?

It was around 430kts ground speed according to the replay

The mach number was 0.78

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Ok, thanks!

So, I agree with you that this shouldn’t really happen.

However, lowering your altitude and increasing your speed (especially if you were relatively heavy) should be able to solve this issue.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I kept my Mach number the same but descended 3000ft, which fixed the issue


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