Causal Fun

Welcome to Causal, where even the mods don’t care😂😂

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Let’s keep it to just one thread :)

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Casual is the playground. Everything for the most part is free game. I even take off from taxiways and do crazy stunts. Training and Expert Server, you won’t see me doing that. 😃


Is the expert server open now?

@Philippe_Gilbert I have not heard anything back yet and I can’t see as I’m currently on the Casual Server.

@JuanCrafter_Pro Done. Sometimes what happens if for their own personal good. Its not a bad thing if we all need a little personal time away from social activities such as Infinite Flight, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


it looks that way right now

Expert appears to be open once again.

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the IFATC there are expecting traffic right now, don’t disappoint them


Casual is the best.
Is very crazy

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