Caught the Golden Dove!

While browsing FR24, I caught the Golden Dove on its way to MXP!


I’ve seen this beauty with my eyes, well at leasts its tail.


Funny thing is, my dad is travelling from MXP tonight ;)

I’ve flown on her, and sadly it doesn’t fly as well as a dove.


I’ve seen BA’s Olympic Dove livery many times on Flightradar24 too… probably because there are nine of these jets! ;)


I happened to be on G-EUPD last Friday. Still in the dove livery, although they are slowly being repainted in normal BA livery over time.

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i flew on it :p


@B767fan what do you think?

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Once i flew solo with my sister on the Ba skyflyers program and was lucky enough to be on that plane:)

Makes sense ;)

Anyway, nice find especially on flight radar24, that airspace is packed.

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… Oh yea i wasnt solo, well… Without parents:)

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Cool! Love how many views this has gottenn.

Pretty cool.

So… TAM will also make a “golden livery” for Rio 2016?

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