Caught in the act!

Some scanning of GoogleEarth can lead to cool discoveries. Here I’m posting pictures of planes I’ve found in the air ( there will be more ). Have you found any?

British Airways A319/18 at William Girling Resivoir, Enfield, North London

“Rainbow Plane”


Introducing: The Boeing 797-YOU WILL DIE
Surprisingly enough, I’ve never heard of this plane…

Map nerds contacted Google and it was removed.

Got one for you @Freddiefrogs

qantas founders museum longreach Queensland Australia

747-238 RB211-524b

The reason why this happens is because the aircraft is fast moving and the satellite capture images with different cameras: usually 1 high resolution monochrome camera and separate camera for different wavelengths of light that are then combined into the images you see on google earth.

More info here

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tbh i thought the title meant something different 😏 😂