Caught flying?!

One thing I really enjoy about the departure out of my local air field is the fact I fly over my house!

Here we are in our Bell 412, known as Abraham Lincoln doing a track and balance flight, my parents happened to catch a photo of us as we flew over

Do you have a picture of yourself caught flying?

Edit Some one said this was consider plane spotting so I changed it.


This may go into #real-world-aviation:spotting

Hm okay, thank you. I changed it.


It is a nice picture but how much did your helicopter license cost you and is it possible to change it to a license for planes cheaper than getting a pilots license from scratch.

please just give rough prices

Every time I try and track my friends on ADS-B or get a picture of them flying over, I’m considered a stalker for some reason…

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Its about 75K, give or take a couple of thousand.
I typically pay between 300 - 400 an hr for the R22, the R44 can cost about 700 - 800 an hr depends on how many hrs I fly.

Yes it is possible, a ton of people get an add on after they finish their fix wing stuff for rotorcraft, the pricing isn’t too different but it also depends on what you get added on!

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Well not caught myself flying, however a few years back caught a flight to Hamburg for work, it was only when the Captain did his welcome PA that I released that my friend was flying!


Oh that’s neat cool! It’s fun when your friends recognize you on their flights!

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He only lives a couple of roads over, if we had know I could have got my self a lift and saved a taxi fee!

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My brother rows out of Bachman lake thats just about 200 feet from runways 13L/R at KDAL one day he was on his way to the lake and saw my grandfather and I landing from our ranch. I also row there and planes will fly over at about 100 feet shake your boat and leave your ears ringing.


Pictures or not you fly helicopters, so instantly one upping 75% of the population, like me whose most interesting part of the day was when the teacher roasted some little 7th graders in math…😔


@bobo2345 I haven’t planespotted on the lake, but I usually spot in that patch of grass behind the road in front of Bachman. I don’t think your supposed to park and stay there but I guess they haven’t noticed yet! 🤷🏼‍♂️

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This is what I picture, when you say you row on a lake with airplanes flying over head

Great movie BTW lol


Awe! I hope your day is a lot better my new friend!

Well I haven’t either in a boat but I have on both sides the road you get better overhead shots on the park side but better approach shots on the runway side. It’s really fun rowing and then just planes screeching over your ears.


Well it was a good roast, made better by the fact that our math teacher is well… humm… how to say this… Not young… Profesonaly handled…🙃🙃

Ha!! Was it in a good way to be roasted then?

Well some 7th graders (I am in 8th) were talking, and she was like “yall need to be quiet, the students are doing important independent work” well we thougjt it was hallarious, somthing about the tone of her voice… Best part, about that “work” since she was working at her desk not paying that much attention, “work” was a synonym for talking, but that is 8th grade I guess…

Well glad it wasn’t to bad!

Anyways coolthat you fly helicopters, either the one in X-Plane 10 mobile is really bad, or I suck at flying helos… I mean I don’t pretend to think it is 100% accurate, but in my game it progressively leans to the left till I have to hold by IPad upside down to keep it straight…🙃

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