Caucasia morning trip

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER

Livery: Austrian

Route: Yerevan Zvartnots (UDYZ) - Tehran Imam Khomeini (OIIE)

Flight time: 01:12

I just love that 777! And that engine sound, music to my ears

Taking off runway 09

Climb out

“Servus” means hello in Austria

En Route to Tehran, cruising at 30000ft at 0,85 Mach

Spectacular view over the mountains

Wing view

ILS runway 29R ahead

Cockpit view

50, 40, 30, 20, 10…

Arrival at Tehran airport


Nice job! I love that cockpit shot!


@KTJ_Mitchell thanks mate

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Realism 💯💯

Nice shots tho!!

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Thanks mate

I flew into Tehran this morning as well, lovely approach, nice pictures!

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10/10 realism and why did u cruise so low?

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Great photos!

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Thanks a lot my friend. I cruised low because it was a short flight and I also had tailwind. So when I reached FL300 I only had about 30 minutes left for level flight before descent. Also I was a bit in a hurry as I had to go to work soon and so I flew lower in order to have more ground speet and to arrive on time. Cheers mate

no problem

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Love thes shots…! Keep up the great work🤩

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Thanks buddy 😍

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Anytime 🍪😁…

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I really liked this one 🤩

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I believe I might have been your approach controller yesterday, not completely sure though. Anyways, great shots!

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What’s with Austrian when you’re not even flying from Austria?

It’s a simulator/game. They can fly whatever they want; no need to force them to adhere to 100% realism. :)