Cathay's First A350 Delivery Pushed to Late April Because of a “Cabin Product Issue”

Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to see her.


Not a surprise, since they are fitting in new product

New Zeland and Gatwick are the fist few destinations for this beast :). Hope it comes to YVR


I might see her in June!

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I don’t think the route is out in June. I think is this Oct.


Crap… I am now sad… :P

It is known that cabin manufacturers are having problems atm with the supply. Airbus is not at fault this time :)

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I have a link @B767fan

But no engines


I hope it comes to YVR but the chances of that happening are very unlikely. It is more likely going to go to seattle then it will be to YVR. China Airlines will be flying the A350 to YVR in late 2016


this is looking promising. Credit Jujug spotting


It looks weird seeing a plane without engines. And I like Cathay’s new livery

Seattle is confirmed I think. YYC is very likely to be launched. Maybe a 3rd flight for YVR?

when did seattle get confirmed? It will be a while once seattle is confirmed, YYC is a maybe. They are more likely going to go to DFW or Barcelona or Vienna before. Maybe Honolulu

I think it will get launched a little later then Gatwick. Low possibility oh Hawaii. BCN is soon. And I don’t think people wanna fly to Vienna

AA’s operating the DFW flight so I doubt that CX will add it

They will go to Texas, I can imagine that they will do it once they have more airplanes. It will either be DFW or IAH

Its very similar to the B787. On the outside only.

IAH will be part posibilaty. But PHX will be ahead on their list

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wouldn’t think PHX would be in the picture but I’m sure it could work. Cathay Should order more 777’s wouldn’t you agree

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I do agree with this

well you don’t have to wait now. Its on its way to Hong Kong right now

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I think it’s already in Hong Kong

ETA was around 0725 and it’s now 0751 (2351Z)