CathayPacific's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

You all know the drill…
Hello Community!
I am working to achieve IFATC and so, I need your help to critique and help me out!

YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport) Will be open for the next 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic!
Suggested Routes
YSSY-YMML (Melbourne)
YSSY-NZAA (Aukland)
YSSY-VHHH (Hong Kong)
YSSY-KLAX (Los Angeles)
YSSY-PHNL (Honolulu)
See you out there!

Make sure you put closed or open in the name as well.

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Arggh! I’m sorry, someone snatched the ATC position before I joined… I think. I am so sorry. I think my internet might be down. Again, I am so sorry.

I am now open at RKSI (Seoul Incheon Airport)
Come out and enjoy its beautiful scenery!
Tower and Ground
I will be online for 30 minutes.
Have fun!

Tower and Ground are now closed. Thank you and good day!

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