Cathay shots

Hello there IFC, been a long time🙃.
Yesterday I wanted to do an overnight (VHHH-KIAD), it’s a pretty long flight and for me it was perfect for an overnight. But sadly the universe turned against me… the game crashed when I woke up.
But if the game crashed or not, I still found some great angles for photos for you.

Flight information

Route: VHHH-n/a
Plane: a359
Flight time: n/a


Lining up for takeoff with a FedEx in the background

Climbing with the mountains in the background

View of HongKong and KaiTak

Sun was slowly rising

I decided that it was a great opportunity to take a moonshot

Sun was rising more and you could see the difference between light side and dark side

Another moonshot, this time of the whole plane

I want to thank you for viewing these shots, have a nice day😊


Nothing’s better than a Cathay Pacific A359 - great shots!



Thanks mate😃

Ah yes, glad to see more of these, you know I love every shot of this beautiful aircraft, god job :))


Thank you😁

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Ah yes, the beautiful Cathay Paciic A350!

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Its indeed very beautiful😅

Edited this one, because it was a little hard to see with the dark