Cathay Paciic 777

Picture credited to Google Images

I would love to see this special livery in Infinite Flight. It symbolises how much attention is paid to an aircraft when it is painted.

That’s hilarious, but I would doubt that it would actually come

No it hasn’t, this is requesting the typo Cathy Pacific livery

No it hasn’t that is for the new Cathay Pacific livery on the 777. This is for the special Cathay Paciic livery.


Voted. Thanks for making my day

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I’ll be honest…
What a waste of a request 😂


The likelihood of this livery coming to infinite flight is astronomical. To put it into perspective, we are more likely to get the A350, Concord, and A220 in a single update.


Funny request but this is stupid. It breaks the terms of realism and I would hate to see it in the game.


Every game has it’s little “Easter Eggs” as they’re called, in a realistic flight sim this is hard to have, but I think this fits the bill perfectly…


Exactly, a little Easter Egg, just for some humor. Also, there could be a Cathy Paciic call sign to go with the typo aircraft

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Sorry, quality is what makes Infinite Flight stand out from the rest.