Cathay Pacific's New A321neo Cabin

Cathay Pacific's New A321neo Cabin

Hong Kong’s largest airline, Cathay Pacific, has commenced operations with the A321neo. JPA Design, the designer of these seats, has unveiled the business and economy class seats.

If you didn’t know already, Cathay Dragon (KA), the regional arm of Cathay Pacific (CX), shut down in October 2020. Half of KA’s order for the A321neo was transferred to CX.

Seat Map

Business Class Cabin

Unlike Singapore’s 737s, Cathay’s A321neo business class will not have flat-bed seats.

Economy Class Cabin

The seats are the same as Cathay's A350 seats. These seats have integrated device stands, a USB-A socket, and a USB-C socket for all of your IFC needs (no AC adapter, though.)

As you can see, the signature green is gone in both classes. The red in the economy class seats may be a leftover from the color scheme of Cathay Dragon.

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Inside Cathay Pacific's New Futuristic A321neo Cabin


Wow, that looks so sleek and modern. I like Cathay’s direction of no lie-flat beds because this aircraft probably won’t be used on flights longer than 6 hours, and you really need at least 6-7 hours flight time to appreciate lie-flat beds. And judging by the placement of those Airpods Pro on the beverage holder, I’m guessing the IFE supports Bluetooth audio connection, which is definitely nice with so many people using wireless headphones these days (And no messing around with the pesky headphone cable while trying to eat :).

The fact they were able to make a narrow-body cabin look so spacious is beyond me. Love it!

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