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Official Cathay Pacific Virtual Thread

Cathay Pacific Virtual is one of the newest virtual airlines to take to the skies of Infinite Flight. We aim to uphold the highest possible standards for our pilots, and, although we are not directly affiliated to Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. in any way, we still endeavour to maintain the everlasting flair that Hong Kong will always represent; even in the toughest and darkest times.

Every Virtual Airline has their own staff team, and this is no exception at Cathay Pacific Virtual. Most of the staff team is based in Hong Kong, and we can guarantee that all of us have a great passion for Cathay Pacific.

As of May 2020, the staff team is as follows:

Executive Management Team
Vinne - Chairman

Vinne (@Vinne) is the Chairman and Founder of Cathay Pacific Virtual and oversees the virtual airline as a whole. He is a half Dutch, half Hongkonger aviation enthusiast with an everlasting passion for Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific.

Henry - Deputy President

Henry (@CapDUDE) is the current Deputy Chairman of Cathay Pacific Virtual and works alongside Vinne. He started his journey when he met Vinne on the IFC - and obviously sharing his passion for Cathay Pacific, being a native Hongkonger. Vinne then went on to create Cathay Pacific Virtual and offered Henry a staff position. Fast forward to the success of Cathay Pacific Virtual, they have become a strong duo in the world of Virtual Airlines.

Matthew - Administrative Officer

Matthew (@TOGA) resides in Hong Kong and is a big Cathay Pacific lover, as well as being a huge fan of the 747 and 777. He is said to be “definitely happy to be part of an elite VA that holds itself to high standards as well as being the Asian airline of choice in such an iconic country in the world; Hong Kong.”.

Lower Management Team
Noe - Training Captain

Noe (@Neeson52) is French and was born in France but has lived in Hong Kong for his whole 16 years of his life - you might as well call him a Hongkonger! He is an experienced aviator in the world of Infinite Flight and is IFATC qualified, subsequently he trains all of our newly-enrolled Cadets.

Matt - Training Captain

Matt (@MattBrowns) is half Australian and half Hongkonger, raised in Hong Kong but currently living in Australia. Besides being training captain for CXVA and being a qualified IFATC officer, he is also working his way to be a pilot for Cathay Pacific in real life.

Feel free to reach out to the staff team with any questions, concerns or queries, and we’ll endeavour to reply in a timely manner.

All accepted applicants start out as Cadets, and will be put into a training batch to train at Parafield Airport, in Adelaide, Australia. Each Cadet will have the decision if they want to pursue a career in Cathay Pacific Virtual flying in our Airbus division of aircraft or in our Boeing division of aircraft (with the exception of Training Captains who have access to both divisions) to begin the training. They will then go on to schedule and complete a training session with one of the Training Captains at Adelaide Parafield Airport in a TBM 930. The Training Captain on duty will review you and give you feedback, he may also advance you to the next rank of a Second Officer to begin flying commercially under us. If you haven’t done well, you will required to redo the pattern work session again at any given time.

All of Cathay Pacific Virtual’s pilots wear a Cathay Pacific Virtual Pilot ID. For instance, a typical Cathay Pacific Virtual Pilot ID will look something along the lines of CXVA Name/Username. It is compulsory that they wear it at all times along with their personal CXVA callsign when they operate flights for Cathay Pacific Virtual as a form of identification. More information can be found for pilots by reading the programmed message that will get sent to you automatically upon your arrival into our Slack workspace.

Flights are filed in a google form (acting as a PIREPs) that only registered Cathay Pacific Virtual pilots have access to. Once their flight has been filed, the data will be transferred to a spreadsheet for Cathay Pacific staff members to view at least once a week. Pilots are required to at least file a flight every 2 weeks - failure to do so will result in immediate termination from Cathay Pacific Virtual, this is so we can keep our VA active and running smoothly.

More information can be found in the pilot handbook that accepted applicants are given upon joining Cathay Pacific Virtual.

Cathay Pacific Virtual has one of the most diverse route networks from Asia to the rest of the world, let alone from the amazing city of Hong Kong. There are many more unique destinations on offer thanks to our codeshare routes with other VAs such as British Airways Virtual and being an affiliate member of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance (these codeshare routes are only accessible for the rank of a Marco Polo First Officer and higher).

Our route database currently is not supported to be embedded on this thread, please click here to be redirected to it.

Disclaimer: Our Oneworld Virtual route networks are currently not available or are not operational.

Aircraft Registration Number Division + Notes
Airbus A320-200 Generic Cathay Dragon Virtual & HK Express Virtual Division
Airbus A321-200 B-HTD Cathay Dragon Virtual & HK Express Virtual Division
Airbus A330-300 N/A Cathay Pacific Virtual & Cathay Dragon Virtual Division
Airbus A350-900 B-LRA Cathay Pacific Virtual Division
Boeing 777-300ER B-KPM Cathay Pacific Virtual Division
Boeing 777-300ER B-KPO Cathay Pacific Virtual Division, Acting as B777-300
Boeing 747-400 B-HOW Cathay Pacific Cargo Virtual Division, Acting as B747-400F
Boeing 747-8 Generic Cathay Pacific Cargo Virtual Division, Acting as B747-8F

Rank Requirements Perks
Cadet Accepted application Training sessions at Parafield Airport, TBM 930
Second Officer Verified 1 hour pattern-work session at Parafield Airport Cathay Pacific Cargo, Cathay Dragon Virtual or Hong Kong Express Virtual flights & A320, A321 or B747 (B74F).
First Officer Overall flight time of 100 hours Cathay Pacific Virtual, Cathay Pacific Cargo Virtual, Cathay Dragon Virtual or Hong Kong Express Virtual flights & Codeshare routes & A330 (A333), B777 (B773) or B747 (B74N).
Captain Overall flight time of 200 hours Cathay Pacific Virtual, Cathay Pacific Cargo Virtual, Cathay Dragon Virtual and Hong Kong Express flights & A350 (A359) or B777 (B77W).
Training Captain Manual Promotion Only & IFATC qualified Leading training sessions for Cadets and assessing them​ & Access to both fleet divisions.

British Airways Virtual Airline (BAVA)

British Airways Virtual Airline (BAVA) is a leading Virtual Airline in the world of Infinite Flight with 200+ active members currently flying for them.

We are very happy to be partnered with them, and we’re sure they are too. Visit our route database to explore the countless BAVA codeshare routes we provide our pilots with that you just can’t get bored of.

Visit their IFC thread here and their website here.


For more information, please visit our website. Just simply click on the graphic above to be redirected to it.

Please note that our website is not updated as frequently as this thread is, so some information might be outdated from it’s original publication.

Interested in embarking on a new career at Cathay Pacific Virtual? Should you wish to be considered for entry to the VA at Cadet rank, please complete the application exam by clicking on “APPLY”. Before doing so, please thoroughly read the requirements stated below. We endeavour to contact you back via the Infinite Flight Community within a week for an interview with our staff members. We hope to see you flying with us soon!


  • Minimum Age of 14
  • Registered IFC account in a good standing
  • Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Grade 3
  • Violations to landings ratio less than 25%
  • The ability to file at least 1 flight every 2 weeks
  • The ability to wear the CXVA tag in your display name and use your assigned callsign when flying flights for Cathay Pacific Virtual
  • Access to Slack, Airtable and SimBrief (FPLtoIF).


Cathay Pacific Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and are used under a license from Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.

© Cathay Pacific Virtual


That thread looks awesome! I think I might apply.

But where did you get the idea to use “Marco Polo”? 😂

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Marco Polo is the frequent flyer club of Cathay Pacific. They introduced their J class products as Marco Polo Business Class before their re brand.


Oh… that makes more sense now!

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This thread looks amazing! Extremely professional!


That makes a whole lot more sense now. I’ll apply now!

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Such a well-planned work, Vinne!

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Beautiful thread. Great to see a Cathay Pacific Virtual in the community again!

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Oh wait… I’m only 13… I’ll apply in 3 months after my birthday though!

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These graphics are incredible! Well done and congrats on approval!


Stunning stunning thread! Would definitely be flying here if I was still on IF - reach out to me if you want help with realistic VHHH procedures :)


Wow! That was fast

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Oh well, congrats :)

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Nice work! May you be successful!

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Congrats Vinne! Looking forward ;)

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Ofcourse their customer program 🙂 Marco Polo Club 😉

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Love the thread guys! Good luck!

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Awesome thread! It sure was nice to see some behind the scenes action:D

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Love the look of the graphics used. Looks like a really well built VA. Happy to see Cathay open back up again. Good luck in the future!

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Its my privilege to be the DP of CXVA, really nice job @Vinne 😍