Cathay Pacific Virtual | Dream Beyond | Official Thread 2021

Sorry to keep you waiting so long, your application will be resolved as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

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Dear applicants:
At present, most of the staff are preparing for very important exams in their lives, so the review is currently very slow and it is expected to take 2-4 weeks. If there is no reply, please directly PM official account.


Understood! School comes before anything else.

If someone who is a member could also answer, how does it go as far as what aircraft you can fly at your rank, or is there a certain flight time you cannot go over per flight?

As they stated in the rank overview above, each rank can apparently fly certain “rarity” routes per rank starting with common with the first rank, then mid, main and super. If you look on their website and look through their AirTable it appears that the aircraft and duration of the flight don’t set the rarity of the route as this is very mixed. The routes were probably assessed and given a rarity by the staff team, however, shorter routes seem to be “common” more often than “main” or even “super”

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Hi, thanks for your patient.

There are few changes during this time.

Staff Team Changes:

@CrisYe left his position at CXVA so @SteveDai will be the new COO of CXVA.

@LoveAviation will be the new Event Manager.

Staff Team Recruit:

Pilot Recruiter: In charge of the pilot rescruitment. If you are interested in becoming a staff, please PM this account

All application will be deal with these days.


@CathayPacificVA I just applied

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I applied to this VA over two months ago, took the test and never heard back since then. Please contact me? Thanks

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Hello. I have submitted my application and its 3 days already. Would like to hear from you guys! 😅

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The former apply method has been abandoned, you can click this to apply again. Applications will be dealed within 1 days this way

for your information the language spoken in hong kong is cantonese not mandarin

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Founder comes from Mainland China, so he used that


We have been IFC for one year!


One Year Anniversary Event

It is my great pleasure to announce that CXVA is now one year old.I would like to thank all of you who have been supporting CXVA. It is with your support that CXVA has been able to move forward.

I still remember how happy my buddies and I were when CXVA was certified. CXVA has experienced many things during this year, and I have learned a lot from it. I deeply believe that the time spent here will be sweet memory in my life.

I look forward to moving forward with you in the future, thank you!

CEO Chalice


Congrats to the VA! I would love to join but unfortunately My sub will end soon

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Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong are my favourite airlines and place, that’s why I want to join this lovely VA

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Btw when I saw the application form, what does it mean by Recruiter Assignment

just ignore it

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Ok thx for letting me know, I will join when I get my Monthly Sub back

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But I will join after like a few days so I can see if I need to get back to Grade 3 or smth