Cathay Pacific Virtual | Dream Beyond | Official Thread 2021

congratulation 恭喜CX



Good news, we have responded to all applications, and our applications are still open.
See you at 30000ft!


She has my best wishes !


Hi can I still apply?

Just applied! Can’t wait to be part of the VA.

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Hi everyone!

I want to express my deep gratitude to those who support us since we began to accept the applications.
We now have more than 30 members in discord server and 18 formal pilot.
Applications are still open and welcome to apply!

At the same time, due to the greatly reduced application flow, we will change our working hours:

We will process applications on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. (Both working days or holidays.)

PS: We would change the working hour when the applications flow grows.

Thanks for supporting us!
See you at 30000ft

-CXVA Senior Staff Team


Hi, i have a question. Are you able to do a partnership/event with any regular person on the IFC without being apart of CXVA?

If so please PM me so we can continue further, because i would greatly appreciate to have a partnership with a event im planning.

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Ladies and gentlemen, long time no see! There will be nice events in CXVA in the near future, and we will become more professional. Before that, I would like to share some of our state and information!

Information Center

Pilot 28👩‍✈️

Destinations 219📌

Fleet 6✈️

PiRep 101📋


New Crew Center Is Coming!
In order to make the airline more professional, we are working hard to build a new Crew Center so that pilots will have a better flying experience.

Our First Official Event!
The airline has been operating for several months, and we will hold the first independently organized event of CXVA in the near future! Stay tuned! What are your thoughts or expectations for our new event?


These would be awesome! Good job CXVA! Can’t wait to see these changes


Staff Team Changes

After discussing with Staff Team, please join me to welcome our new CEO @G_Captain. We believe that he will lead us to a better future!

As well as @CrisYe, he will take his job as COO. He is full of experience of VA/VO operation. We are sure that he is good with us!

Last but not least, We thank @Jason_Soung for his collaboration as CEO of CXVA. Wish he had a better future!

More info will be released when ready

On behalf of the CXVA Staff Team


Congratulations @G_Captain @CrisYe my amazing friends.
They are exactly great managers and leaders. Hope you guys can hold the va well.
Sorry for this sudden news, but due to my own reason, I had to leave.

Dream beyond.

CXVA Previous CEO


Staff Team Applications has Opened!

  • Events manager( ROTW / events)
  1. At least Trust Level 2 (Member) on the forum
  2. Be familiar with the rules of CXVA and IFC.
  3. Be responsible and patient.

  • Art designer (Poster design / Video edit)
  1. Be familiar with PR/PS.
  2. Have a good sense of art.
  3. Be responsiable and patient.

  • Recruiter (Pilot Assessment: Theory Test and Practical Test)
  1. Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  2. At least Grade 3
  3. Be responsible and patient.

Message @CathayPacificVA if you are interested in becoming a part of CXVA management team. We are looking forward to seeing you join us!

On behalf of the Cathay Pacific Virtual Staff Team

Cathay Pacific Virtual Chief Operation Officer


Dude, Awsome thread! I applied


I have applied to join one day, please review, thank you

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sorry, we did not see your apply, could you apply again


Thank you for your reply. I have submitted my application again

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Hey guys! I applied for your guys VA last week and haven’t heard anything back. I just wanted to ask if my application came through?

You’ve apply how many hours/days ago ?

I can’t quite remember but I know it was during last week.

Ah okay, maybe wait few days and you will receive an answer ^^

And if you don’t received an answer maybe send a direct message to the account of the VA : @CathayPacificVA and i’m sure they will answer as soon as they can ;)

PS : I’m not in the staff or pilot on this VA

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