Cathay Pacific Virtual | Dream Beyond | Official Thread 2021


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CXVA (Cathay Pacific Virtual) is an excellent virtual airline for Infinite Flight.It was co-founded by Cathay Pacific enthusiasts,and more enthusiasts will join in the future. In CXVA, you can get a better flying experience, take part in a membership program, and you may even become our pilot trainer. Join us and conceive your dreams.

Dream Beyond!

As described in the intro, we provide an excellent platform for all Cathay Pacific fans and aviation enthusiasts. In order to let pilots have a more interesting experience, we have designed a variety of activity forms, as well as a ranks similar to airline membership. Pilots can feel humane in CXVA, which is from the efforts of the staff team.
A complete system, amazing management team and excellent airlines are enough to attract you to join. Welcome to join CXVA!

Message From EX-CEO

Ni Hao! I’m Jason Soung, CXVA’s Chief Executive Officer, a Cathay Pacific enthusiast.

Welcome to Infinite Flight Cathay Pacific Virtual. I would like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who support us, IFVARB team and community members. During the CXVA’s IFVARB Process, we developed our operation system and route database. They look smooth and nice now. In addition, with the help of my excellent staff team, we also complete some tough tasks.
Cathay Pacific is one of the greatest airlines in China, and I believe in the future, CXVA’s each pilot will be the best pilot. We are looking forward to that day when all CXVA’s pilot meet in the sky, at 30000ft. It will be a great sight.
There is a saying in China: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” And I’m sure CXVA is full of ambition and some day all members of CXVA will gain the passport to success!

CXVA has a confident management team with their own positions. And they will treat every pilot who joins CXVA with enthusiasm!

Senior Management

Staff Role Name
Chief Executive Officer @G_Captain
Chief Operating Officer Vacant
Human Resource @henrynch
Public Relation @Swithord

Junior Management

Staff Role Name
Pirep Manager @henrynch
Routes Manager @Swithord

If you are eager to be our staff, please pay attention to the staff recruitment board on IFC. We will publish our Staff recruiting information.

CXVA’s main fleet consists of four different kinds of aircrafts.

Airbus A350-900

The A350 series is Airbus’ latest wide-body aircraft, and Cathay Pacific uses it to complete many flights to the world. It can take more than 300 passengers. Beautiful lines and comfortable seats make A350-900 more popular.

Airbus A330-300

A330-300 has improved engines. It can easily fly direct routes from Tokyo to major cities on the west coast of the United States such as Seattle and San Francisco, or cities such as Paris. In Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines, it generally operates popular routes.

Boeing B777-300

The Boeing 777-300ER is a wide-body twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Boeing, with a passenger capacity ranging from 278 to 550 passengers and a range of 9,400 to 17,455 kilometers. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airline use it to fly long and popular flight.

Boeing B747-400

The 747-400 has a longer range, higher fuel efficiency, and lower noise and operating costs. Since May 1990, except for the Boeing 747-400, all other Boeing 747 models have been discontinued. Now that the 747 has been retired from Cathay Pacific Airways, Cathay Pacific Virtual Airways mainly uses the 747 to operate some special flights.

We also operate few special aircrafts.

Airbus A320

We don’t have A320-200 in Infinite Flight, but we still use it. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines operates A320-200 to some city that not far from Hong Kong. These flights are all in 1 hours. But A320-200 is still important in CXVA.

Airbus A321

The A320 series, one of the largest narrow-body aircraft,has a long range and can accommodate 220 passengers.Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines operates more A321-200 aircraft to mainland China, and is operated by Cathay Dragon.​

Our routes travels all over the world. You can travel from Hong Kong to mainland, or you can fly along the east coast of China and Seoul, Tokyo and other places to enjoy the beauty of the western Pacific Ocean. And you can travel across Central Asia, across several time zones, and fly to Zurich, London and other places while you feel that Eurasian Mainland is so vast. Fly east to American Mainland. San Francisco, New York are also a good places.

If you want to go to the Southern Hemisphere, no problem! Sydney is your choice, when flying into Australia Mainland, I believe you will be attracted by the beauty of Australia.

Thousands of routes, any choice. There are still a lot of routes waiting for you to explore.

Ps: CXVA’s routes are divided into three parts, Common Mid and Main.

The CXVA’s membership system is very similar to the real Cathay Pacific Airlines. It is named “Beyond Membership”, and this kind of system is regarded as Cathay Pacific Virtual’s ranks system.

We have five different cards for each grade, White Card, Golden Card, Black Card, Dream Beyond Card(Special Edition), Cathay Green Card(Cathay Special Edition).

The detail is as follows:

Membership Flight Time Route
None 0H Common
White Card 10H Common,Mid
Silver Card 65H Common.Mid
Golden Card 110H Common,Main,Mid
Diamond Card 170H Common,Mid,Main,Super
Ruby Card 240H Common,Mid,Main,Super
Emerald Card 310H Common, Mid, Main, Super
Sapphire Card 360H Common, Mid, Main, Super
Dream Beyond Card 410H Common, Mid, Main, Super
Cathay Green Card 535H Common, Mid, Main, Super

TFT(Total Flight Time):
Calculate since the pilot joins the CXVA as a formal pilot.

we have a excellent website will PiRep system and Routes list. It is used to report pilots’ flight and accept the latest news.

It looks smooth on not only PC but also phone. You can search for some information without obstacles.

Let’s meet our website at Click here or the image to visit.

The VA is still under construction. We are now finding talented pilots or members. If you have ideas for VA or any other talents, don’t hesitate to apply for being a part of us.

Here are some requirements you should know before applying.
  • You should be 13 years old or above.

  • A Valid Infinite Flight Community account as well as a valid Infinite Flight Subscription.(G3 or above, if you are G2 player, you must experience the whole training task.)

  • A valid e-mail to receive notification when necessary.

If you meet the basic requirements above, come and apply now!

Here are the steps of our recruitment.
  • Visit our website and fill in the apply form. We will reply to you on IFC within 48h. Please be patient since we are busy and we may reply late. But we won’t miss any apply.

  • Take the written test by following the instructions we give. It is acceptable to put off the test for personal reasons.

  • Once you have finished the test, your test result will be reviewed by your recruiter. Your practical training tasks are decided on your written test result.

75-85% Take Practical Training Task Group 1

86-100% Take Practical Training Task Group 2

Then you will be allowed to be our official pilot.

All the steps would be changed, please pay attention to the NOTAM below.
To make sure every pilot is equal, we will review the application in order. The reviewing time may be extended when the application is excessive.

Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines CXVA is a virtual airline exclusively for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with Cathay Pacific or any other real-world airlines/organizations.
All Cathay Pacific trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this thread remain the property of Cathay Pacific.
Copyright © 2022 Cathay Pacific Virtual Airline CXVA


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