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CXVA(Cathay Pacific Virtual) is an excellent virtual airline for the only platform-Infinite Flight. It was founded in 2020 and approved by IFVARB in 2021. CXVA is founded to provide a colorful platform which is well designed and managed. We always welcome every single enthusiast to join us and have a better flying experience. Most importantly, we set different modes and membership systems to let you have a real experience and you can even be in our staff team to make CXVA better than ever.

As for Cathay, it is a historical word in China. It got through a long period of Chinese history. So as for Cathay Pacific Virtual, though it is built in modern period, but it is as colorful as history. Thanks to the abundant content found by the Chinese culture, we had confident to let the cultural stuffs in and make almost everything-event, video, name, membership filled with culture.

Welcome CXVAers!

senior staff

Staff Role Name Management Content
Chief Executive Officer @G_Captain Overall management and operation supervision
Chief Operating Officer @Jason_Soung Crew management and statistic, visual output and art design
Chief Human Resources Officer @henrynch Pilot management and recruitment
Public Relation Vacant Route manage, cooperation and codeshare manage

junior staff

Staff Role Name Management Content
Pirep&ROTW Manager @CapDUDE ROTW and Pirep review, event coordination
Event Manager Event & Codeshare planning and management
Social Media Manager Vacant Social media management and designing

Adequate professionalism is what we always look for and want to offer to every pilot. Therefore, we have invited a number of IFATC and airport editors to be our advisors to answer your questions. If you have questions about flying, control, or airports, feel free to ask!

Role Name Content
Advisor @Swithord IFATC
Advisor @HenryD1 IFATC/Scenery Editor

We have a rank system that very similar to the membership system.

We give the pilot special award card to show the pilot’s activity

CXVA’s routes extend in all directions, leading to famous transportation hubs around the world. Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and other Asian cities; Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto and other North American cities; and more famous cities in Europe, South America, Oceania, and Africa.You can find your favorite cities in CXVA’s Route List and enjoy your own flight time.

We offer two brand new route projects for the pilots in 2023. “Business Line” and “World Travel Line”. Some popular and essencial routes will be counted and classified into these two projects. CXVA will regularly select some destinations as special project routes in a certain period. The pilot can choose some routes in these two project, which can offer them more flying time in CXVA membership mileage reward.

“Business Line”: Most of the destinations in this project are huge cities with developed financial domain in different countries, and most of the people take these flights for business trips. Most of the flights in the projects are operated on a daily basis, with high occupacy and high demand. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, London, New York, Washington, Melbourne and so on. CXVA will assign the most economical aircraft types in the fleet to operate these flights, but we still remain the possibilities for pilots to choose other aircraft types acoording to the seasonal chages.

“World Travel Line”:Most of the destinations in this project are tourist cities, which have a large quantities ot tourists in tour seasons. Some cities have abundant shopping resources, some cities have spectacular natural landscapes, some cities have rich humanistic culture, and some cities are full of sense of history. CXVA will operate popular tourist route in each period according to different tourist seasons. The frequency of operating these routes is lower than the business routes, which require higher occupance facotrs. CXVA will arrange aircraft types with better long-haul performance to operate these routes.

Completed in 1998 following a large-scale land reclamation project, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA, ICAO code: VHHH) serves as the main hub airport for Hong Kong. The airport remains to this day the busiest cargo hub and one of the largest passenger airports, with Cathay Pacific operating from HKIA as Hong Kong’s flag carrier. It replaced Hong Kong’s former airport, Kai Tak Airport (now a cruise ship terminal), which was renowned for its harrowing approaches through the city but was ultimately limited in capacity. In 2019 alone, the airport handled 71.5 million passengers, 4.8 million tonnes of cargo and connected to 220 destinations worldwide.

For better simulating the reality, you can always check this tutorial

Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport is one of the most distinctive airports in the world, especially the special way of landing. At that time, such an airport had an astonishing passenger flow. Today, Hong Kong has a modern and huge airport, but in infinite flight we still use Kai Tak Airport as one of the hubs, and the classics never end.

*The VA is still under construction. We are now finding talented pilots or members. If you have ideas for VA or any other talents, don’t hesitate to apply for being a part of us.

Here are some requirements you should know before applying.
  • You should be 13 years old or above.
  • A Valid Infinite Flight Community account as well as a valid Infinite Flight Subscription.(G3 or above.)
  • A valid e-mail to receive notification when necessary.
    If you meet the basic requirements above, come and apply now!
Here are the steps of our recruitment.
  • Visit our website and fill out all the required informations. We will reply to you on IFC within 48h. Please be patient since we are busy and we may reply late. But we won’t miss any apply.
  • Take the interview and a simple test by following the instructions we give. It is acceptable to put off the test for personal reasons.
  • Once you have finished the test, your test result will be reviewed by your recruiter. Then you will receive the next process acoording the result.
    Then you will be allowed to be our official pilot.

All the steps would be changed, please pay attention to the NOTAM below.
To make sure every pilot is equal, we will review the application in order. The reviewing time may be extended when the application is excessive.

Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines CXVA is a virtual airline exclusively for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with Cathay Pacific or any other real-world airlines/organizations. All Cathay Pacific trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this thread remain the property of Cathay Pacific. Copyright © 2022 Cathay Pacific Virtual Airline CXVA`

Two years is a long time, but also a short time. On the 31st of this month we will be celebrating CXVA’s second anniversary and we are holding a series of events to celebrate this special occasion .

We are opening our recruitment in order to let more people enjoy Cathay Pacific fantastic routes and fleets. There are no tests required to join CXVA during anniversary week. What you need to do is simply click our application link: Apply - CXVA, fill out all the information and wait for reply.

This event lasts for one week from 1.31-1.6(All the application filed during this week is available.)

The reply may be delayed so please wait patiently, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Nice to see the brand new CXVA😍


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This is greatly designed, very neat!
I ADORE those graphics designs!
Great work CXVA! I can’t wait to see where 2023 takes you.
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Welcome to 2023 CXVA! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Great new thread CXVA!


Would love for the HK Express A320 to be added and see it fill HKIA! Would open up some fantastic routes for CXVA like Hong Kong to Saipan and Hong Kong to Ishigaki!


Thanks we have HK express routes in database


Event ends in one day

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Join us to be a CXVA pilot for simulating reality and join official event!

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Enjoy massive event!

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Let’s go

Hope CXVA and Cargolux Virtual can be benifit from each other in this event!

Head of EA
Cargolux Virtual

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We had a great time with @Cargolux_VA last time we went to RJTT. And this time we are going to OMDB with @QatariVirtual!

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