Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines

Welcome to Cathay pacific (website)

We are currently hiring pilots, photographs and other jobs. Pilots can ethier fly with Cathay pacific, Cathay cargo or Cathay drago (dragon air).

Our fleet of aircraft are

Cathay pacific
747-400 (may be retired at end of year)

Cathay cargo
747-8F (Boeing fright)

Cathay dragon

So far routes are

CBR-SYD a330
CBR-SYD.a321 (Cathay dragon)

Once global flight is released than we shall open up more
Cathay is planing codeshares with other airlines and is looking for dragon air to enter an alliance (preferably one world)
note I have decided to make Cathay pacific cargo just Cathay pacific, so we can just say Cathay pacific & Cathay dragon
So come fly with the airline of the future

update planned routes are being made. This means that some may be canceled. Those which are being flown less after around a year may be closed etc.

Ladies and gentlemen we have some job opportunities opening up. They are:

Co-CEO (open)
HR head
HR 1
HR 2
HR 3
Event planning
Head pilot
Co-media head (in charge of recording)
Photographer 2
Photographer 3
Editor 2


Great to see a Cathay VA starting up. Good luck!

Why would you limit pilots?
People may not want to join anymore after 10 is reached.

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That’s what I was thinking!

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If we begin to getting heeps of pilots it shall open up more

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Sorry, but this isn’t “Official Cathay Pacific”. I changed the title to make it a bit better. ;)

Anyway, glad to see someone set up a Cathay Pacific VA!

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New website OUT know! Check it out if you want to join!

Your website is barely finished just saying, but you’ve made a good start :-)

The blanks after the destinations is for partner airline symbol things

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How’s ur website coming along?

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Someone is doing it for us. I’m making a website for Value Alliance.

Can my airline join your alliance?

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It isn’t in the real world Value Alliance, sorry. It’s for low cost airlines in Asia Pacific.

Can dragon air join, when global comes out the dragon air routes will expand to Singapore etc

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146 view, thanks

Cathay pacific virtual has just added a little something for the pilots and others to see!

What’s new!
-new pilot profiles! Now pilots can see how long they have been flying for Cathay pacific virtual.
-updated fleet

What you can see soon!
-updated partners:
Air New Zealand
We will update very soon so stay tuned

Cathay pacific VA promo vid needed!!

Hi can I join CPA? Huge fan of CPA

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